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Boat – Motorboat
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The beach is among the best beaches in the Mediterranean also known as the Golden Sand, because the sand is very fine and seems to shine under the sun.

The beach has common borders with the swamp of the protected area of ​​the lagoon “Strofilia” or there is a well-defined area for the survival of animals.

At Koukounaries you can do all the water sports you prefer and find hotels, taverns, camping etc.

Koukounaries The beach is located in the southwest of the island of Skiathos and offers gorgeous sunset that one should not miss. You can go there by bus or car.

The CAMPING – KOUKOUNARIES SKIATHOS, is under the authority and standards of the National Tourism Federation.
It is available:

1) Very clean toilets that are cleaned every 2-3 hours

2) Washing machines to wash your textiles and marble basins with hot water

3) Showers with warm water every 24 hours

4) 300 m. is the distance between the campsite and the famous Koukounaries beach and water sports

5)  Some tables and chairs are in all places of the campsite for you to be comfortable

6)  Very rich vegetation in camping and very large trees with an appropriate shade

7)  Pets, music (only with headphones) and noise are not allowed

8) Cafeteria – Restaurant – Bar – small market

9) The tents of one to four people are rented

10) Credit cards are not accepted



1) The City

Skiathos town is the capital of the island and its port, stretches from the beach to the nearby hills and is the primary dwelling place of peasants and most services.

Its port is separated into two parts by the beautiful peninsula of Bourtzi. The city is full of life all summer and offers visitors a multitude of choices of meals, entertainment, accommodation and any other necessary business. Walks you can do it in his paths races but there is also the nightlife.

In addition, it is the starting point for most excursions to the island’s beaches as the boats begin their routes from the port and liaise several times a day.

During the summer are organized many cultural events, the most famous being the one called “dream on the wave” (the homonymous story of the author Alexandros Papadiamantis) in the month of July to August. On 18 August, has honored the memory of St. Floros on the island of Tsougria.

Other notable cultural events are also held in early September, as the “violin days” in memory of the sinking of the sub – marine during World War II.


2) The peninsula of Bourtzi

In Skiathos there are two ports, the commercial port and the old port and both ports are separated by the peninsula of Bourtzi. In 1207 the brothers Gkyzis invaded the island and have built a small Venetian castle, the “Bourtzi”. The “Bourtzi” was ineffective in protecting the population and half of the 14th century the castle became the capital of the island.

In 1660 the castle was destroyed by the famous Venetian admiral Morossini (who ordered the bombing of the Parthenon). Today you can see the castle ruins and the point on which was built the church of St. George and the tank of the castle.

After the liberation from Ottoman to Bourtzi was established the first hospital of the island and in 1906 the middle of the small peninsula was built a primary school that was a gift from Andreas Syggros and is today a cultural center which plays are organized during the summer.

Finally, in the castle there is a traditional municipal cafeteria where very special evenings and on the nature and style of this small peninsula every green.


3) The islet of Tsougrias

Tsougrias is the tiny island which lies opposite the port of Skiathos and is not habitable. Every day tourist boats take you to the beach.

The image you see here is that of an exotic island and fort reminds a virgin island. The seabed is sandy to a large width, which is why the waters are a white color.

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4) The Castle

Bourtzi was ineffective for the protection of the population against attacks from hackers and the half of the 14th century the castle became the capital of the island. The castle was under Byzantine administration until 1453 and then fell into the hands of the Venetians (until 1538) and ended with the Turkish occupation until the 1821 revolution.

The castle is located in the extreme northern tip of the peninsula that forms a natural fortress. As a result the inhabitants have reinforced this natural fortress by building battlements and cannons to protect the city from the land side since this fortress was built on a high point with respect to ground.

The castle was communicating with the hinterland by a drawbridge and whenever invaders docked castle walls apron got up to close the access to the castle and above the entrance of hot water or oil was thrown out of the gatehouse at the invaders in order not to enter the castle.

The history of the island is reflected in the castle as it combines the key historical moments of the island.


5) Monastery Evangelistrias

Away from “Lechouni” stream and below the highest peak of the island, called “Karaflitzanaka” there is the Convent of the Virgin according Vangelistras Evangelistrias or peasants. Its construction began in 1794 and was completed in 1806 by a group of monks who belonged to the movement of “kollyvades” and came from Mount Athos.

The kollyvades have profoundly influenced the daily life of the inhabitants of Skiathos and really contributed to the revolution of 1821. This is where the first flag was sewn Hellenic for the first time and pedestrians of the revolution, Andreas Miaoulis, Theodoros Kolokotronis , Nikotsaras and many others were sworn in.

The temple of the monastery is a church with three corners of Byzantine architecture in the shape of a cross and the three domes. The temple is exceptional art and includes icons of 17th and 18th century and in it there are conserved relics, most of which was provided by the fighter Lazaros Koundouriotis revolution which was the island of Hydra.

Other parts of the monastery you can see the individual cells of the monks, the hostel, hospital, kitchen facilities, with the dough and ovens and oil mill, in which there has for some years a folk museum . The monastery library includes very rare and precious manuscripts, 17th and the 19th century.

Thousands of pilgrims arrive there all year but in principle during Holy Week and mid-August when the masses of this period- there are the festive air. Restoration and conservation work is continually in progress.


6) Monastery Kounistras

The Monastery of the Virgin or Icônistrias Kounistras is dedicated to the celebration of “issodia of the Virgin” (the word “issodia” means the entry of the Virgin in the church at the age of 3 years since he was an ex-voto by her parents) and is 13Km west of Skiathos Town and 2 km from the street that leads to the beach Asselinos.

This is the place, the holiest of the whole island, because-according to local tradition, around de1650 the icon of the Virgin was found that is very old and is considered miraculous. After the appearance of the icon a small church and the entire monastery was built on the spot. According to tradition, the icon was found hanging on a pine. That is why it is also known as the “Kounistra”. It is kept throughout the year in the church of the city in Trinidad and 21 November each year, is again installed in any honor in the monastery church, for that day.