In the green island of Papadiamantis is an earthly paradise for holidays

Where the luxuriant vegetation blends with the deep blue

where the entrance begins the time of your vacation

where the story becomes one with reality and time acquires another value

... which all roads lead to amazing ...

in all respects

...Camping ΚOUKOUNARIES!!!

THE CAMPING-KOUKOUNARIES Skiathos is legitimate, licensed and has specifications from EOT.


Get ready to live a unique experience!


Skiathos is the closest to the mainland from the islands of Sporades.


Koukounaries is one of the most famous beaches of the Mediterranean Sea and is located in the southwest of the island.

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Skiathos in photos

The island features lush vegetation and many beaches, most prominently is Koukounaries beach.


The CAMPING – KOUKOUNARIES SKIATHOS, is under the authority and standards of the National Tourism Federation.

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  1) The City Skiathos town is the capital of the island and its port, stretches from the beach to the nearby hills and is the primary dwelling place of...


  1) By ferry – boat, hydrofoil and Flyingcat Skiathos is connected to the ports of Volos, Agios Konstantinos and other North Sporades islands (Skopelos, Alonissos, Skyros), by boat, but...

Beach Koukounaries

The beach has common borders with the swamp of the protected area of ​​the lagoon “Strofilia”, where there is a well-defined area for the survival of animals. At Koukounaries you...


The island has always been known under the name of Skiathos. Skiathos is an island with rich vegetation, golden beaches and stunning coastline. Branches of pine forests and olive groves...