Barefoot, monoski, double ski, wake board, knee board
Are you an amateur and you think to try? Our experienced coaches will teach you from the first course. Or you are an expert? Rejoice your hobby in the calm waters of the Gulf.

Here adrenaline broken all records. Are you a fan of extreme sports? So, take a scooter with your company and feel the speed and waves…

Parasailing Boating
Do you want to have a unique experience? So you can safely fly up and adore the magnificent view of the islands of the region.

Canoe – Kayak
Kayak Single or two, alone or with your partner, train or relax.

Pedal boating
Do you want a tranquil walk around the island and the same time a little gymnastics?
Do you want to rejoice your swim by diving from the pedal boat?
Simply, rent a pedal boat per hour or day.

Boat – Motorboat
Do you have a family or you are a company of 4 to 6 people and are you looking for a day trip to the sea and a very secluded beach? Do you want to test your abilities in fishing? Then rent a boat with 20hp engine and simply your hobby.

Talk to the experts!

Adrenaline starts to increase! Climb to the number of 2-8 people and have fun by ripping the waves.

If you try it, the adrenaline will be further increased.

Do you want to feel the force of the air on your sails?
With a laser dinghy you begin the adventure in the sea.

Professional photo service
If you want to keep the wonderful time you spend with us, we can provide you with professional photos at really low prices.